Playing With Purpose

In my Playing With Purpose blog series, I explore how to convert play and everyday routines into activities that are both fun and beneficial for children. Play can create moments of learning for your child and moments of connection together.  With little tweaks to your interaction and the everyday routines you are already engaging in, you can increase opportunities for speech and language development in your child. The best part is it’s not a lot of extra work! As part of Playing With Purpose, I give you specific strategies to increase opportunities for speech and language development.
play with a purpose - speech therapy at home

Playing with Purpose Coaching

We are happy also to offer Playing With Purpose coaching in your home, on a phone call, or via video conferencing. During these sessions, I will provide focused instruction in Hanen and research-based speech therapy strategies for speech and language development. We will discuss the toys your child enjoys playing with and implement specific methods for increasing speech and language during play. I can also provide suggestions for toys and environmental shifts that may promote more learning in your home. Playing With Purpose coaching sessions are 1 hour in length. Contact us to schedule your first session today.

Preview what you can learn during Playing With Purpose coaching

PWP Using a Ball

You can use anything around you to stimulate and boost a child's speech and language skills. Sometimes the simplest, like a ball, is the most beloved. That is the basis for Playing With Purpose. I help you look at what you have and explore how you can adapt it or...

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Playing With Purpose: Yoga

Earlier this week, I was on a walk with my dog through a nearby park which is also part of a school playground. It was the afternoon, and the kids were playing outside as part of their after-school program. I immediately noticed a small group of children and their...

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PWP: Family Meal Time

You may be a bit confused looking at the title of this post. I can imagine you're thinking, "I do not want my children playing while we are engaged in family meal time." At a young age, it is vital for our young ones to have time to play with their food,...

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Playing With Purpose: Winter Break

  I was over on the Parenters blog, recently, sharing tips for play during the upcoming school winter break and holidays. We are quickly approaching the time of year that children love. Along with the holidays comes winter break. While a great time for family bonding,...

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Playing With Purpose: Blocks

Blocks come in all shapes and size. There are cardboard blocks, wooden blocks, and colored blocks. You can make blocks from old Tupperware or turn an Amazon box into a block shape sorter. There are brands such as Lincoln Logs, Legos, and Topamino. Just like there are...

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Playing With Purpose: Playdough

This week marks my 24th blog post and the 10th in my Playing With Purpose series. While I am proud of myself for undertaking this blog writing, I want to commend you (parents, caregivers, therapists, and readers) for your efforts to increase language opportunities for...

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Playing With Purpose: Cars

There is no denying it, children love to play with cars. Many days, I walk into a family's home for therapy, and I see cars strewn about their play area. Cars are versatile and an excellent vehicle (ha ha ha) for speech and language development. You likely spend a...

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Playing With Purpose: Ball Popper

Five years ago, while working at a clinic here in Austin, I learned about ball poppers. A fantastic occupational therapist owns the clinic, and she purchased the cow ball popper to work on fine motor skills. I quickly learned that this was not an OT-only toy. I found...

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Playing With Purpose: Outdoor Play

I am going to make a bold statement. Play is ESSENTIAL to the growth and development of your child. From a young age, play is your child's occupation. Play promotes creativity and problem-solving, develops resilience and grit, and builds social and cognitive skills...

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Playing With Purpose: Bubble Blowing

The blistering heat of summer is upon us in Austin, TX, leaving some of us stuck inside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find some creative ways to have fun! Bubble blowing is a fun indoor or outdoor activity, and children of all ages love blowing bubbles. Bubbles are...

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