Our Services

  • FREE Communication Consultation: a complimentary consult by phone to identify areas of concern in your child’s speech and language skills
  • Speech-Language Evaluations: developmental history review, observation and play with your child, along with an assessment of their skills
  • Individual Speech Therapy: specialized, play-based therapy along with parent education
  • Playing With Purpose Coaching: teaches strategies to enhance the playtime with your child to boost their speech and language skills

We work with delays/disorders including:

  • Receptive/Expressive Language Delays
  • Articulation/Phonology Disorders
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Developmental Delays
  • Motor Speech Disorders
  • Social/Pragmatic Language Disorders
  • Fluency/Stuttering

What Emily Does Differently

Three essential qualities make speech-language pathologist Emily Cohen stand out from other direct care providers.

1. Emily knows how to listen.
In a world where everyone’s competing to be heard, who’s giving voice to the voiceless? Children with speech and language disorders can’t always communicate their needs clearly. It takes patience and a tireless compassion to help struggling kids help themselves. An expert listener, Emily holds the mirror that allows them to better understand the world around them and their place in it. She also helps parents tune in to all the ways in which their child is communicating—words are not the only vehicle!

2. Emily relates well to kids.
“It’s important to get down on the floor and act silly like they do,” Emily tells parents, “because it’s engaging—and what we want to do is prolong an engagement with the child.”

While ‘play’ comes naturally to children, most adults have forgotten how. We ‘grow out of’ play or dismiss play as ‘childish,’ we know that play contributes to sensory development, hones concentration and logic skills, and can even inform cultural identity. Emily, therefore, emphasizes intentional play during individual therapy sessions, using back-and-forth exchanges and eye contact to model new and different behaviors for kids and adults.

3. Emily breaks it down.
Emily knows that if parents don’t understand why she’s asking them to do something, they have no real incentive to complete the homework that she assigns or implement the strategies that she recommends. “I break it down for parents, and give examples like, ‘We really need to help your child make good eye contact because when he does that he’ll see how your mouth moves, and then he can figure out how to move his own mouth.” Her instructions are clear, concrete, and easy to follow through. Moreover, because Emily’s services are individualized, she gets to know your everyday lifestyle and adapts her recommendations accordingly. The best course of action for any family is the one they’re willing and able to take.

FREE Communication Consultation

The speech therapy process begins with a complimentary consult by phone to identify areas of concern in your child’s speech and language skills. Consultations are 15-20 minutes. Click to call us and schedule your consultation now.

Individual Speech Therapy

Tandem Speech Therapy offers a unique opportunity for child-centered services. All therapy is individualized to match your child’s learning style while incorporating their interests. Therapy is often play-based to keep your child engaged and motivated to communicate. We use evidence-based treatment approaches and customize a plan based on your child’s strengths and needs. Emily, our speech-language pathologist, will model techniques and explain how you can incorporate them into your daily routines. One-on-one therapy sessions are 30-45 minutes in length including parent education.

Speech/Language Evaluation

Speech-language pathologists diagnose by conducting a thorough evaluation of your child’s speech, language, and communication skills. This will include a review of developmental history, standardized and non-standardized assessments, and of course spending time interacting with your child. Evaluations typically last about an hour.

Playing With Purpose Coaching

During these sessions, Emily will provide focused instruction in Hanen and research-based speech therapy strategies for speech and language development. She will discuss the toys your child enjoys playing with and implement specific methods for increasing speech and language during play. Emily can also provide suggestions for toys and environmental shifts that may promote more learning in your home. Playing With Purpose sessions are 1 hour in length.

Start Playing With Purpose

Learn how to purposefully and intentionally interact with your child during play and help them increase opportunities for speech and language development with our Playing with Purpose book!